Earlier this morning when researching fitness topics I came across a video of an insanely fit guy lifting a ridiculous amount of weight. 405# power clean, no problem! 495# back squat for reps, no problem. As I sat in amazement, I realized this: no matter how hard I train and no matter how well I eat, I will never be be able to do what this guy can. And guess what. That's ok. Yes, that's ok!

I am not that particular individual; I am me. I mean, props to this man. Really. He, without a doubt, got the most out of what God gave him. And it's apparent he works for everything he has. Salute! I can't choose to dwell on what he has or is capable of, or I can focus on and use the gifts God gave me... I am me, and that's awesome.

The older I get, the more I recognize the following: there will always be someone stronger than me; there will always be someone smarter than me; there will always be someone with more money than me; etc., etc., etc... If I were to let one of these drag me down, jealously and bitterness would seep in; I would then be left with being a jealous, bitter person missing out on *my* potential. I would also spend countless hours chasing false passions and succumbing to insecurities.

I am me, and that's pretty dope! Every waking day I will do the best I can with what I have ... getting the most out of my potential! No, I won't ever make the Crossfit Games or become Mr. Olympia, but I will strive to get the most from my genes!


Jason Harle