Life gets heavy, and it can be very uncomfortable. This is something we must accept in a hurry, and if we don't, we're in for a world of hurt, a world filled with letdown after letdown. At Farmer Gym, we like to think of our workouts as a microcosm of life. Comfortable is not of us; pleasure isn't what we're about; and the word easy should never be uttered in our work. By wielding cold, heavy iron, and by constantly moving and lifting, we prepare the body and mind to withstand the demands of being alive.

If you quit here or decide to take the easy way out, what will you do when life heats up? I can speak from personal experience. I've chosen to quit and walk away from life's demands; the easy way out is a path I've taken many times; and succumbing to non-beneficial pleasures is a constant battle. Life is hard. But through the demands of pressing and pulling, and via the fire of fitness, we hope you can be better prepared -- both bodily and mentally -- for whatever is thrown your way.

No, we're not for everybody; in fact, we're not for many. But if you're up for a challenge, and you're able to withstand harsh conditions that will test your resolve, well, we might be the right kind of uncomfortable fit for you.


Our Beliefs:

1. Intensity is king: the pursuit of goals begins at the end of your comfort zone.

2. Mindset is queen: the mind will quit before the body.

3. Whole-body training: compound movements with functional purposes trump isolated activity.

4. Whole-system training: strength, conditioning, and endurance prepare the body for any physical task.

5. Nutrition is an important variable: a bad diet cannot be outworked.

6. Rest and sleep: downtime is mandatory if you want to grow.

7. Varied structure: although the workouts vary, the routine has an objective.

8. Safety with every rep: fitness does not require injury; train hard and smart.

9. Movement integrity: an exercise performed right is always better than a poorly executed half-rep.

10. Consistency and dedication: unfortunately, not everybody is willing to put in the work.



The Farmer Gym Way

"Since I live in the middle of nowhere (or used to) I have had to work out by myself in my garage. I have a pretty good setup complete with a rower, power rack and pull up bar, amongst other things. The only thing missing was some good programming. I turned to some big sites such as Sealfit, Misfit Athletics (they are sending 4 athletes to the 2018 Crossfit Games), Crossfit Invictus and several other local boxes for my programming. I saw some results from all these sites, but something was always missing. Enter Farmer Gym and Coach Harle! I met Jason back when he was a coach for Crossfit Ankeny for a short time and let me tell you, the man definitely knows his stuff. I saw he created Farmer Gym, but could never quite pull the trigger on buying a book until this past April when I purchased the 14-week The Farmer Gym Way book off Amazon. I dove in with both feet, and let me tell you I wish I would have bought this book YEARS ago. During testing week my 1 rep maxes for Deadlift as 325 and for strict press was 125. By week 12 I hit those weights for a 6 set of 3 reps! During the course of the book I moved from a 53 lb kettlebell up to a 70 lb one, figured out my double unders, finally, after 6 years of struggling with them, and shaved time off of every single workout in the book as I made my way through it. Coach Harle is extremely responsive to questions, and willing to coach form and give advice the best he can if you send him videos. If you’re willing to #dowork, I promise, you WILL see results with his programming."
- Travis B.

Farmer Gym’s 2-month trainer

"The book is perfectly straight to the point. The workouts are awesome and they explain every exercise in the book. Highly recomended."
- Scott F. S., Amazon Customer

Farmer Gym’s Strength and Conditioning Manual

"I turned 30 last year and I was like most guys reaching that age, anxious. I entered into my 4th decade of life soft, stuck in my gym-ways and often lost. I have worked out for years but in the last several years, entering the gym was like entering the super market, full and not sure what I wanted to buy. Frankly, I needed something new. So I bit the bullet and bought this manual. From day one I have been hooked. Not only are the workouts challenging, they're also organized. This manual gave me the firm foundation I lacked as I turned 30. I recently turned 31 about 7 weeks into the manual and I can honestly say I entered 31 stronger, firmer, more confident and healthier. I still have a TERRIBLE diet, but somehow, when I stick to the manual, my body continues to get stronger and my muscles continue to grow. For example, my deadlift went from a struggling 175lbs. to, today, 9 weeks later, hitting a new PR of 315lbs. I'm back to benching what the 25-year-old self could bench, and I'm on schedule to exceed that. I can't stress to you enough, BUY THIS MANUAL. You're truthfully spending $15 for a personal trainer over the next 10 weeks. Well worth the money and time. I highly recommend this if you need a fresh new start, a better foundation for working out, or just want to achieve overall full body health."
- Robert S.

Program writing

"The Farmer Gym workouts have been amazing! They’re not only catered to fit my schedule each week, but are never the same (which makes boredom pretty much nonexistent) AND are easy to follow! Plus, I’m already seeing results in the short time I’ve been following this program! Jason is a great resource who is always available to address questions/concerns and he's just an all-around nice guy. I’d definitely recommend The Farmer Gym to anyone who has an ounce of desire to get back into shape!"
- Jenny G.

FARMER Gym’s Almanac

"This almanac gives you enough variety in the workout routine each day to ward off boredom, with a different daily routine for an entire year. I'll never have to pay gym dues again or buy that stuff that they sell on TV at 4 AM, just so I can sell it to someone else in a garage sale a couple of years later. I like the fact that the exercises are easy to understand and that I can adjust the intensity to match my fitness level. Since the book costs less than one month at the gym, it was a no-brainer for me."
- Robert M.

Farmer Gym’s Strength and Conditioning Manual

"Best workout program I've ever followed. GET THIS BOOK. This workout program has made me stronger and more athletic. Each day is something different and the workouts do not last more than an hour. I'm a busy person and making it to the gym can sometimes be hard, but knowing I'm only working out for an hour makes it ideal. This is the perfect workout for someone who is a student, or has a full-time job. There are no complicated movements involved in this book -- everything is straightforward. I had a friend do a workout with me and he had to buy the book immediately. These workouts are fun! No matter your body type I think this workout program will make you stronger and more athletic. I highly recommend this book to anyone that needs a great workout plan to follow."
- Anonymous

Farmer Gym’s 2-month trainer

"I'm lovin' the 2-Month Trainer... And it's kickin' my butt!"
- Matt N., U.S. Army Green Beret