Life gets heavy, and it can be very uncomfortable. This is something we must accept in a hurry, and if we don't, we're in for a world of hurt, a world filled with letdown after letdown. At Farmer Gym, we like to think of our workouts as a microcosm of life. Comfortable is not of us; pleasure isn't what we're about; and the word easy should never be uttered in our work. By wielding cold, heavy iron, and by constantly moving and lifting, we prepare the body and mind to withstand the demands of being alive.

If you quit here or decide to take the easy way out, what will you do when life heats up? I can speak from personal experience. I've chosen to quit and walk away from life's demands; the easy way out is a path I've taken many times; and succumbing to non-beneficial pleasures is a constant battle. Life is hard. But through the demands of pressing and pulling, and via the fire of fitness, we hope you can be better prepared -- both bodily and mentally -- for whatever is thrown your way.

No, we're not for everybody; in fact, we're not for many. But if you're up for a challenge, and you're able to withstand harsh conditions that will test your resolve, well, we might be the right kind of uncomfortable fit for you.


Our Mission: By defying conventional workout methods, we grow stronger, harder bodies and build mental resilience through the rigors of intense physical training.


Our Vision: To instill in our clients a working-class mindset and a courageous confidence through a work ethic that is relentless. 


Our Purpose: To #dowork and #growstrong!

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