Our Mission: Farmer Gym grows stronger, healthier bodies through physiological truths, not fitness myths or fads. With a basic approach, we provide expertise through our experience, research, and knowledge. Farmer Gym is not a country club; we believe the pursuit of bodily goals begins at the end of your comfort zone. Farmer Gym is not a low-end, no-service establishment; we believe in providing a helping hand to empower others. Our way is a philosophy and a practice, built upon a relentless work ethic.

Our Roots: Farmer Gym was established to reflect not only the farmer’s philosophy, but also its practice. Lifting, moving, and constantly working are the staples of a farmer’s toil, and these are staples that build, grow, and shape bodies. Through hard work done in one's environment, Farmer Gym workouts replicate the farmers’ craft – the type of work that has built stronger, harder bodies for generations. Although the workouts change, the concept does not – your body is the machine, and your environment is your gym. 

In developing Farmer Gym, our team has drawn on the ideas of various regimens and united them with the type of work found in a farmer’s way of life. Our team here at Farmer Gym hopes that people find the workouts not only refreshing and challenging, but also rewarding and beneficial.

It takes time, dedication, and hard work to reach goals and see results. There is no shortcut to a healthier life and no easy road to a stronger, harder body. The good news is, sustainable health and fitness is not complicated. If you're reluctant to become a gym member, are always on the go, can't afford expensive equipment and fees, or are looking for something different, please allow the Farmer Gym team to introduce you to a way of transforming your body, form wherever you are.

A stronger, healthier version of you awaits. Let us help get you there.

For information, contact: coach@farmergym.com.

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The Farmer Gym Team