Your body is the machine; your environment is your gym: we coach, program, and educate … wherever you are! We want to provide you with the very best training via our online services. Just let us know how we can help!

Our Mission:
 To defy conventional workout methods, and grow stronger, harder bodies while building mental resilience through the rigors of intense physical training.

Our Vision: To instill in our clients a working-class mindset and a courageous confidence through a work ethic that is relentless. 

Our Purpose: To help you #dowork and #growstrong, wherever you are, through our online and remote training services.

Our Beliefs: 
1. Intensity is king: the pursuit of goals begins at the end of your comfort zone.
2. Mindset is queen: the mind will quit before the body.
3. Whole-body training: compound movements with functional purposes trump isolated activity.
4. Whole-system training: strength, conditioning, and endurance prepare the body for any physical task.
5. Nutrition is an important variable: a bad diet cannot be outworked.
6. Rest and sleep: downtime is mandatory if you want to grow.  
7. Varied structure: although the workouts vary, the routine has an objective.
8. Safety with every rep: fitness does not require injury; train hard and smart.
9. Movement integrity: an exercise performed right is always better than a poorly executed half-rep.
10. Consistency and dedication: unfortunately, not everybody is willing to put in the work.

Our Roots: Farmer Gym was established to reflect not only the farmer’s philosophy, but also its practice. Lifting, moving, and constantly working are the staples of a farmer’s toil, and these are staples that build, grow, and shape bodies. Through hard work, Farmer Gym workouts replicate the farmers’ craft – the type of work that has built stronger, harder bodies for generations.

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