WORDS and your Frame of mind

"We will take good care of him."

Words are only that, words. But they sure do have a powerful impact on the mind!

This morning, my almost-4-month-old son had surgery. It wasn't a serious surgery, but he still had to be put under. Like any parent, I was nervous. Really nervous.

Before taking him to the operating room, I met with several members of the hospital staff, including the surgeon. Each one before leaving me said seven words that stuck with me: "We will take good care of him."

Did the words change the doctor's ability? No. Did the words change the staff's competence? No. But the words did one thing: put my mind at ease. They gave me a mindset that trusted the process; my spirits were lifted; the words gave me greater optimism.

What I'm getting at is this: what is it you need to tell yourself in order to perform better, to get through a difficult set, to weather a difficult situation? Sometimes a few positive words make all the difference in the world. "I *can* do it." Or, "I've prepared for this -- I'll make it to the other side."

If you've put in the work and have spent the time in preparation, give yourself the words of encouragement to put yourself over the edge. A positive frame of mind will ALWAYS defeat a negative one.

Now, go #dowork!

(And by the way, my son is doing great!)

Jason Harle