Get bitter or get better

Get bitter or get better, we choose.

It’s easy to let jealousy seep in when looking around our social landscape — there’s always someone posting some type of great accomplishment or some kind of incredible experience. Welcome to Facebook — or fill in the social-media-blank!

Unfortunately, when jealousy sets in, our attitude begins to change who we are. Resentment grows; anger builds. We become bitter, and we start to lose track of our worth and what it is we can do. Our energies become focused on something futile.

Instead of ill-will or selfish desire, try being happy for the person. Genuinely happy. We have no idea what path he’s been down to earn the experience; we may not have a clue how hard she worked for the accomplishment. Sure, some people have an easier road than others, but this is life; and life is not always fair.

After showing gratitude, it’s time to #dowork. Its time to sweat and get dirty! It’s time to work our butt off and maximize our God-given talents, to utilize the blessings and skills we’ve been given. But these blessings, these skills, cannot be capitalized off of with energy spent on bitterness. We must learn to use the energy on bettering who it is we are.

So tip the cap and give applause when it’s earned. And then get to work!

Get bitter or get better, we choose.

Jason Harle