Our fitness journey is like the stock market. (Bear with me.) Both have a start point and an end point -- or, a where-we-are-now point; both seek to improve; both have highs and lows; both come with times of struggle and triumph.

Take a look at the chart and really examine it for a minute. What do you see? You see gradual, incremental improvement over time; you see a steady climb to the top! The stock market didn't increase in value over night -- it took years. It didn't quit or cease to exist because it had a "bad" season. It continued to exist; it turned itself around, and it continued the climb.

There will be ups and downs during our fitness journey. It's inevitable. The key is to not give up when things get tough, when things take a downturn. It's at those times we must dig deep and fight especially hard; know that it's just a season and there is something better around the corner. With grit and perseverance our circumstances can change.

Do you want your fitness to land on the green circle? Do you want to reach your goals? Then fight through the red arrows; don't let the down times determine your failure or success. Know that it's a process to the top; a painstaking process to get to where it is you want to go. Embrace the process. Don't quit. Now ... #dowork!

stock market.png
Jason Harle