Arrow vs. T

When taking a bird's-eye view of the Push-up and the ground portion of the Burpee, one's elbows should point back and to the side as opposed to directly to the side. The form should take that of an arrow, not that of a T. Why is this important? When the humerus (the top portion of the arm) extends directly to the side of the shoulder -- T form -- the rotator cuff tendons can get caught between it and the acromion process (a bony ridge on the scapula). When this happens over and over and over again during the exercise's full range of motion, wear and tear begins to accumulate on the tendons. In time, damage can occur, leading to possible surgery and reconstruction of the shoulder. Not good! So give your shoulders a break. Think "arrow" when you're executing these push movements.

Push-up and Burpee.png
Jason Harle