Water Helps You Grow

The "pump," or the look of an expanded body after a voluminous lift, is a result of water being displaced from your blood to your muscles. This puffed-up appearance is actually a good thing. Why? Water is anabolic; or, more aptly stated, the lack of water can limit a building condition. That's right: H2O actually helps muscle grow! If you don't have enough of it in your system, build-up can be compromised. When you're in a dehydrated state, your body goes into preservation mode. (The body is pretty smart. It knows what to do to survive and thrive.) If water is not abundant, it does not adequately enter the muscle cells after a workout, and thus, it more so stays in the blood and surrounding areas. By limiting the entrance of water to the muscle cells, protein can be stripped and synthesis can be reduced. (We want to PROMOTE protein synthesis, not prohibit it.) So take that sip of water when you have the chance, and consume that extra drink from the fountain between sets.

Jason Harle