Foot Placement on the Squat

In order to optimally squat, we must make sure our feet are anchored to the ground correctly. When setting up this exercise, our feet should be approximately shoulder-width apart, with our toes pointed out at roughly 15-30 degrees. (Anatomical structure, mobility, and lift variation -- high-bar, low-bar, and front squat -- will largely dictate the angle of the toes.) By pointing the toes outward, we are creating a slightly wider base, while also allowing for greater external hip rotation. This lets up get back and sit down more easily; it can also activate our groin muscles -- the adductors -- more, aiding in the force placed through the floor. In addition to depth and added force, setting up for the squat in the manner listed helps with knee placement and movement, or lack-thereof. (We don't want the knees to buckle in! We want them shifted outward, like the toes.) Again, foot placement it relative to the individual, with several variables dictating optimal position. If you're able to safely execute the exercise with "your" position, great! 

Foot Position.jpg
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