Do work. The Strength and Conditioning Manual is a 10-week strength and conditioning program designed to improve one’s strength and overall fitness level. With heavy-weight lifting and high-intensity interval training, the program challenges the whole body, both anaerobically and aerobically. The Manual anticipates that you will work out four days a week, with two days of built-in rest, and one run day each week. You will proceed through the Manual day by day, just as you would a daily calendar.

This book is not for beginners; we recommend you have at least a year’s worth of experience in the weight room before using the Manual. Most of the exercises found here should be familiar to you. This book is not for advanced weightlifters. (We don’t wish to discourage elite lifters from using the Manual; we simply want to emphasize that this group of individuals utilizes a very regimented programming scheme, one specifically designed to strictly increase strength.) The Manual is for those with weightlifting experience, those who wish to increase strength and overall fitness by challenging their personal bests and testing their physical limits. If you are searching for the “bulky” look or a “skinny” frame, this book is also not for you; designed to grow strong, healthy, long-lasting muscle, the Manual is geared toward an “athletic” look.