Get the most versatile piece of equipment you’ll ever own AND a customized workout plan!

(1) The Bale.

Take The Bale with you anywhere, and do work with it whenever you want. It’s great for building general strength, enhancing conditioning, and targeting your stabilizers.

-Black waterproof polyester
-Adjustable weight (up to 75 pounds)
-Filler bag included
-Shipping included (in the continental United States)

The Bale also comes with a 50-workout publication, Bale Out, so that you never get bored when doing work!

(2) Program Writing

Whether it's improving your total-body fitness, increasing your strength and size, or completing a half-marathon, we can help get you to where you want to be. Let Farmer Gym customize a one-month plan to help you achieve your goals.

"The Farmer Gym workouts have been amazing! They’re not only catered to fit my schedule each week, but are never the same (which makes boredom pretty much nonexistent) AND are easy to follow! Plus, I’m already seeing results in the short time I’ve been following this program! Jason is a great resource who is always available to address questions/concerns and he's just an all-around nice guy. I’d definitely recommend The Farmer Gym to anyone who has an ounce of desire to get back into shape!"
- Jenny G.

The Bale: $89.99
Program Writing: $119
Savings: $59.99

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