Farmer Gym Standards is a list of 24 strength and conditioning parameters designed to gauge one's overall fitness level. The goal is to work toward and accomplish as many of the Standards as possible. Once a Standard is met, it should then be used as benchmark for further development. For example: Jenny executes 204 kettlebell swings in the allotted 10 minutes. She beat the 200-rep Standard! 204 is her new threshold; therefore, her new goal should be to surpass this number.

You are not expected to have mastered every exercise; in fact, each exercise is a work in progress. For everybody. Progress can always be made; that's how we improve our fitness! Many people will fall short on most, if not all, Standards listed. And that's ok. Look at it as a challenge. Make it your goal to achieve as many Standards as possible. Once you've conquered one goal, both move on to another Standard, while also trying to beat your PR at the Standard you’ve reached.

Another example: John has been working on the 100-rep dumbbell snatches for months. His strength is improving, but he's not quite able to perform 100 reps with the Standard's 70#. Instead of giving his body more than it can handle, he executes the workout with a 50# dumbbell. Once John completes the 100 reps under the 10-minute standard, he should move up in weight (to 60#, perhaps), and eventually hit 100 reps in 10 minutes again. John will continue to progressively attack the workout until he can finish it under the 10-minute goal with a 70# dumbbell.

We at Farmer Gym realize there are many exercises that can be executed and limitless combinations in which they can be performed. But the 24 Standards are our own. We selected them based on experience: they have worked amazingly well for clients, and they have provided consistent results for years. The 24 Standards hit the entire body and challenge all of the body's energy systems. To perform the 24 Farmer Gym Standards is to challenge and measure strength, power, stamina, and overall conditioning. We believe and have seen that training for the Standards has built stronger, harder, better performing bodies. We hope you find the same outcome.

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Squat: Male, 2.0x Bodyweight; Female, 1.5x Bodyweight

Deadlift: Male, 2.0x Bodyweight; Female, 1.75x Bodyweight

Bench Press: Male, 1.5x Bodyweight; Female, 0.75x Bodyweight

Overhead Press: Male, 1.0x Bodyweight, Female, 0.5x Bodyweight

Max Reps:

Bench Press (Male, Bodyweight; Female, 1/2 Bodyweight): 15

Pull-ups: Male, 12; Female, 3

Squat (Bodyweight): Male, 20; Female, 15


Box Jumps (Male, 24"; Female, 20"): 45

Sit-ups: 80


Farmer's Walk (Male DBs 70#; Female DBs 35#): 400 Meters

Double Unders: 250


Kettlebell Swings (Male, 53#; Female 35#): 200

Kettlebell Squat Presses (Male, 53#; Female 35#): 100

50 Reps:

Curtis Ps (Male 95#; Female 65#): 15:00

Manmakers (Male 45#; Female 25#): 18:00

100 REPS:

Burpees: Male, 8:30; Female, 10:30

Dumbbell Power Snatches (Male 70#; Female 35#): 10:00


30 Seconds: Male, 170; Female, 150

500 Meters: Male, 1:40; Female, 2:00

2,000 Meters: Male, 7:30; Female, 9:00


800 Meters: Male, 3:00; Female, 4:00

3,200 Meters: Male, 15:00; Female, 17:00

Bale/Sandbag Hike/Run:

400 Meters (Male 70#; Female 45#): Male, 3:00; Female, 4:30

1,600 Meters (Male 70#; Female 45#): Male, 14:00; Female, 17:00