EnduraStrong is an exercise program designed to enhance one’s stamina and strength-endurance. Through structured training consisting of weight-bearing, bodyweight, and running-based exercises, the program challenges the whole body. The book anticipates that you will work out 4 days a week, perform a steady-state run 1 day a week, and rest 2 days each week – except for the 2 deload weeks and 2 testing weeks. You will proceed through EnduraStrong day by day, just as you would a daily calendar.

Whether you’re relatively new to weight training and running, or you’re a fitness guru, this book is for you. There are two 4-week preparatory levels – On Ramp, Level 1 and On Ramp, Level 2 – to prepare you for the work ahead. If you’re well prepared for the demands to come, you can begin the 11-week program immediately.

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