I have decided to implement a new 9-week Strength and Performance Program. To give you a glimpse at this roughly 2-month plan, and to see what it is I typically do in a given cycle, I am recording my performance here.

A few quick notes: over the course of the 9 weeks, you will notice the acronym RPE, which stands for Rate of Perceived Effort. RPE is a way to measure relative effort. For example, a 5 is relatively light to average; the weight can be moved quickly without much effort. An 8, on the other hand, is quite a bit more difficult; the weight is too heavy to be executed quickly, and 2-5 more reps are all that could be lifted, if forced to. 1 is obviously the easiest; 10, max effort, is obviously the most difficult.

#growstrong and #dowork!

Jason Harle